Brick Vinyl Siding

Brick Vinyl Siding Can Add Distinction and Durability to Your Home’s Exterior

Along with a range of colors and textures, vinyl siding also comes in design varieties that offer you more options when considering siding choices for your home.

In addition to vinyl log siding, brick vinyl siding can add a unique accent or foundational aesthetic to your home. Simulating the appearance of conventional brick, brick vinyl siding can be installed in less time, at less cost, and with less risk of wear and tear over the years. Brick vinyl siding comes in panels instead of strips, and is raised and textured to simulate the appearance of true brick. It can make your home more elegant or more contemporary depending on how you use it.

Making Your Home Unique with Brick Vinyl Siding
Brick vinyl siding offers homeowners a way to add a striking accent or dramatic exterior face to their homes. Many homeowners mix brick vinyl siding with colored vinyl siding, giving texture to their home’s appearance and distinction to their curb appeal.

Installing true brick siding on your home can be costly. Hiring a brick mason and purchasing brick is significantly more expensive than opting for brick vinyl siding, which offers some similar benefits, like insulation and weather resistance.

Investing in Your Home’s Exterior
Some real estate developers and agents find vinyl siding to be a good selling point, attracting home buyers for its longevity. Most vinyl siding installations also come with a lifetime warranty, offering additional protection for the investment.

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