How To Clean Vinyl Siding

How to Clean Vinyl Siding – a Straight Forward Process
How to clean vinyl siding is one of the easier do it yourself jobs that you are faced with in home maintenance. Essentially cleaning your vinyl siding is no more difficult than washing your car, and in fact you need pretty well the same equipment to do it.

Start by rinsing down the vinyl siding using a medium pressure garden hose, taking off dust and loose detritus. Make sure that you direct your hose down from above the siding; although siding is built to resist water, it is constructed to deal with water that falls out of the sky.

Once you have removed loose dirt, mix ordinary washing up liquid with warm water, and then put it in a hand pump garden spray. Spray the siding from the bottom up, working out of direct sunlight and with areas of around 6 or 7 feet wide. Then using a soft hand brush dipped in the soapy water, work the area you have sprayed, getting rid of inground dirt and stains. Immediately rinse your patch with clear water, removing the soap so that it does not stain. As you work higher up the building, rinse the water all the way down to the ground.

You should consider cleaning your vinyl siding once a year. This means that dirt is not so inground into the siding that it becomes difficult to remove. This process for how to clean vinyl siding is so straight forward you will be happy to make it a routine job.

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