How To Install Vinyl Siding

How to Install Vinyl Siding – As Easy As 1 2 3.
Although it can appear a daunting task, installing vinyl siding is not complicated. If you are a reasonably experienced do it yourselfer you can do a good job if you will be able to do this providing you are willing to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, plan your work and take your time.

The outline steps of how to install vinyl siding are as follows:

  • Read the instructions carefully, and lay out all the parts of the vinyl siding including fixtures, corners, sofit board and trim. Identify where and when you are going to turn corners, finish the vinyl siding at doors and windows, and top and bottom.
  • Collect together any special tools you need to do the job – typically a nail hole punch, a snap lock punch and an unlocking tool for separating panels.
  • Fit the fixtures to the wall, round the doors and windows and under the roof for the panels to attach to.
  • Fit the vinyl siding to the fixtures. Make sure when you install vinyl siding that you do not tighten up the panels as vinyl expands and contracts with changes in temperature, and therefore needs room to move.
  • Finish with the appropriate trimming and sofit boards.

Obviously the detail is somewhat more complex, but in essence this gives you an idea of how to install vinyl siding.

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