Liquid Vinyl Siding

Liquid vinyl siding looks as if it’s freshly applied throughout its life. It needs just an occasional washing from time to time.

Painted On
Liquid vinyl siding is a paint-like substance, made up of vinyl resins and polymers, that is applied with a roller or sprayed on.

Long life
The material is long-lasting, with some dealers offering 30-year warrantees. Liquid vinyl siding is thicker than paint, at about the thickness of a credit card and is flexible, so the house can expand and contract as the weather changes, without damaging the siding.

Applied Science
Applying liquid vinyl siding is done in three steps. First, the surface is cleaned, with rotting wood replaced, rough surfaces smoothed and cracks filled. Then the primer coat, sometimes called a bonder, is applied and allowed to dry over a couple of days. Finally the topcoat is applied.

Color Wheel
You can get any color liquid vinyl siding that you please, or you can have more than one color. The vinyl can be applied to any building material; the surface of wood, brick, or stucco shows though the coating.

Breath Deep
Tiny micropores in the material allow moisture to breath from inside, limiting rot and mold, but rain can’t break through from outside.

Paying for It
You can have liquid vinyl siding applied for about the same cost as putting up regular vinyl siding. As with vinyl siding, you don’t have to paint every four or five years, so this option might just the thing for you.

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