Log Cabin Vinyl Siding

It would seem to be a pairing of opposites: the back-to-nature look of a rustic log cabin with modern vinyl siding. But log cabin vinyl siding is growing in popularity. Today’s log houses have multiple stories and amenities such as skylights. The deeply textured log walls give the houses an exceptional look.

Woodn’t You Know
Real wood is time-consuming to install, however, and once the building is up, it can be infested by bugs such as termites. The wood must be stained and sealed. It uses a large amount of forest product.

Easy Does It
Log cabin vinyl siding installs easily, like any other type of vinyl siding. Door and window trim is available and it can be put over new or existing walls. Installation costs, estimated by your siding contractor, are much less than for true wood.

Sturdy Siding
Foam insulation is tucked into the curve of each “log.” That gives it additional strength and adds some energy efficiency to your home.

Carefree Living
Log cabin vinyl siding doesn’t attract insects and needs nearly no maintenance. And because it is long-lasting, it is considered ecologically sound.

Don’t expect to see huge tree trunks with chinking between them. Log cabin vinyl siding looks like slender logs stacked on top of one another without caulking. It comes in your choice of color.

Uniquely Yours
You can have a warm look with log cabin vinyl siding, textured and colored to look just like true wood.

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