Painting Vinyl Siding

Easy Steps to Painting Vinyl Siding
Painting vinyl siding is a fairly straight forward process if you are aware of the properties of your vinyl siding. If you are one of the people who have purchased their vinyl siding during the last 20 years, there will be no need to paint your siding as materials technology means that the color still looks like new and the materials have maintained their fresh new look. However if your siding is older than this, you could well find that painting your vinyl siding makes it look like new again, and is a much more economical alternative than replacing siding.

  • Start by cleaning your siding well, scrubbing it with washing liquid or a patent cleaner, and make sure that all the dirt and mildew is gone. If you do not do this thoroughly the paint will not adhere to the siding.
  • Choose a high grade acrylic latex paint. As vinyl expands and contracts with temperature change, this will ensure that the paint moves with the vinyl siding and does not crack.
  • Choose a color that is lighter than the original color. Darker colors will absorb more heat, and the original vinyl siding will not be formulated to cope with this.
  • Make sure you do not paint vinyl siding in direct sunlight.
  • Make sure you use two coats when you are painting vinyl siding. This will help resist fading and peeling.

Painting vinyl siding is easy and these pointers will ensure that you get the very best results.

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