Seamless Vinyl Siding

Seamless vinyl siding makes a home’s exterior smooth and clean. Traditional vinyl siding strips are 12 feet long, leading to seams where one strip overlaps another. Insects and rain can creep into the seams, damaging the wall behind the siding. And even worse, heavy winds can catch on the edges, pulling the siding away from the wall.

New Techniques
Now, however, some manufacturers make longer strips, 25 to 40 feet long, for seamless vinyl siding. That limits damage from bugs, water, and wind at a seam. Seamless vinyl siding strips are thicker than the shorter panels, for sturdiness. They are installed using a free-floating clip system that allows for expansion and contraction. The ends of vinyl siding strips can be put at the end of a wall or at windows and doors, getting rid of the patchwork appearance of regular vinyl siding.

Cost Calculation
Seamless vinyl siding can cost about 10 percent more than traditional vinyl siding. And it’s probably not for do-it-yourselfers. Its length makes it difficult for homeowners to transport from the dealer to the home, and it’s unwieldy to install, typically requiring two or more workers at a time. Because seamless vinyl siding is long-lasting and easy to maintain, it can be a marketing advantage when it’s time to sell your house.

With a wide array of colors and finishes available, seamless vinyl siding can make your house look its best.

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