Stone Vinyl Siding

What Is Stone Vinyl Siding?

Stone vinyl siding, also called simulated stone siding, is an inexpensive way to achieve the sophisticated look of masonry brick or stone without the hefty price tag. Stone vinyl siding is made from high-density plastics and plastics composites that are molded to look like rock, stone, and brick, and they are almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

Molds are made using real masonry materials, adding to the panels’ realistic look. As a result, the panels have the same nooks and crannies that real rock would. But instead of requiring the expensive expertise of a mason, stone vinyl siding panels are interlocking and quick and easy to install.

Companies specializing in stone vinyl siding offer a variety of panels–mimicking traditional stone styles such as stacked stone veneers, random-patterned river rock, fieldstone, castle rocks, and even cobblestones–from which to choose. You can achieve a look that appears to be hand cut and dry stacked. The color selection is nuanced and stone vinyl siding panels come in a wide range of stone styles, colors, and patterns.

Corners are cut to fit odd angles. Unlike masonry products, stone vinyl siding panels are lightweight. They’re also fade-resistant, maintenance-free, waterproof, and available with a Class A fire rating.

While stone vinyl siding panels will make your home more attractive, they’re also incredibly practical. Stone vinyl siding panels all carry all the same advantage of other vinyl siding products. They insulate your home against heat, cold, weather, or noise, and will last for many years to come.

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