Vertical Vinyl Siding

What Is Vertical Vinyl Siding?

If you love the look of old barns, vertical vinyl siding might just be the perfect way to transform the look of your home. Vertical siding, a style also called board and batten, traditionally is achieved using wood. But vertical vinyl siding provides the same appearance without the expense, labor, or maintenance that wood requires.

Vertical vinyl siding mimics the board-and-batten design, which alternates wide boards, typically one-foot wide, with narrow wooden strips, about ½-inch wide, called battens. The battens are placed over the seams between the boards. Vertical vinyl siding is virtually identical to the original material, thanks to molds made from real wood, which lend unique texture and grain to the vinyl siding panels.

Vertical vinyl siding, like all vinyl siding products, is a practical choice for a host of reasons, including its reasonable price. One of the main reasons homeowners choose vinyl siding is its durability. Vinyl siding has an average lifespan of between 20 and 50 years–depending on what grade you buy and where you live–and looks as good as new year after year. It’s also highly resistant to insects, high heat, harsh winters, strong winds, and moisture.

Interlocking panels allow vertical vinyl siding to be quickly put in place. Vertical vinyl siding comes in number of colors, all of which never need to painted, and stay true over the years. And, in most cases, vinyl siding won’t show scratches or other small imperfections.

Overall, there are few other products that offer the versatility, practicality, and cost effectiveness of vinyl siding.

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