Vinyl Cedar Siding

Vinyl Cedar Siding Offers Homeowners Affordability and Versatility
Cedar siding is often chosen for its beauty and its quality, but true cedar siding does not offer as much dependability as vinyl. Vinyl cedar siding offers a more affordable, more weather-resistant alternative that simulates the appearance and texture of cedar siding. Vinyl siding also comes in a much wider variety of shades and colors than true cedar.

Cedar siding often requires annual maintenance like power washing to remove dirt, leaves, bugs, debris, and other elements. Vinyl cedar siding relieves you of all of these considerations, especially moisture. One of the risks with true wood siding is the trapping of moisture behind the siding, which can lead to mold and damage.

Lower Impact, both on Cost and the Environment
Vinyl cedar siding decreases the environmental impact on our forests, as well. Harvesting, production, and shipping costs are all lower with vinyl cedar siding than true cedar siding.

Conserving your budget as a homeowner and maximizing your investment is an important considering with siding choices. While cedar siding can create a good selling point in your home, it is also expensive: the average cost of cedar siding usually ranges between $2.52 and $4.00 per square foot.

Vinyl cedar siding can also be a good selling point, for its longevity and appearance, and comes at an average of only $1.60 per square foot. Vinyl offers you a much more affordable solution to your home’s siding, while still ensuring the longevity of your home’s exterior.

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