Vinyl House Siding

Why Vinyl is a Home Siding of Choice
Most homeowners are aware of the weather-resistance of vinyl siding, but what is less known is that vinyl comes in a wide variety of colors, too, offering you many options when re-siding your home.

Installing vinyl siding on your home also carries the benefit of choosing one of the most popular home siding materials in the country. Over 30% of the nation’s homes use vinyl siding of some type. If you are considering selling your home, vinyl siding is a good choice for advertising the longevity and durability of your home’s exterior.

Top 3 Reasons why Vinyl is Popular
Here are three most popular reasons why homeowners choose vinyl for their home siding:

  • Affordability
    Vinyl is typically less expensive than other home siding materials, at an average $1.60 per square foot. (Some forms of wood, like cedar, are more than twice this cost).
  • Maintenance
    Vinyl siding does not need ongoing painting, finishing, or securing, and repairs can be targeted to specific strips that can be removed and replaced. Vinyl also retains less moisture than wood siding. A periodic washing can be all it needs.
  • Endurance
    Vinyl siding is often predicted to last as long as residents stay in their home. Vinyl technology has improved to include long-lasting material and color options, and many manufacturers even offer lifetime warranties on their vinyl siding.

Regardless of your climate or the size of your home, vinyl siding can be a durable, affordable option for protecting the exterior of your home.

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