Vinyl Log Siding

Building Your Log Cabin – Out of Vinyl Siding
Vinyl log siding is a unique siding solution that produces the look of a log cabin without the extensive building process or maintenance requirements. Vinyl “logs” are produced from the same polyvinyl chloride material from which typical siding is made, giving you the same durability and weather resistance for which vinyl has become so popular.

Unlike true log siding, vinyl siding not only resists weather, but wood-boring insects as well, freeing your home from the threat of termites compromising your siding.

The installation process is very similar if not identical to that of typical vinyl siding, depending on the manufacturer and your contractor’s recommendations.

Achieving that Rustic, Country Look with Vinyl Siding
Like other vinyl options, vinyl log siding comes in a range of colors and finishes. Most homeowners choose a cedar color that replicates actual log homes, pursuing the rustic, homey look of a log cabin.

Vinyl log siding is finished in a grain pattern to give the appearance of wood, and even the ends can be textured, as if cut by a saw. Homeowners who opt for vinyl siding achieve that rustic, country look, without the cost or installation considerations of true log siding.

Green Efficiencies through Log Vinyl Siding
Some vinyl log siding even reproduces some of the environmentally efficient characteristics of actual logs. This siding uses polystyrene insulation to increase the strength and insulation of the siding, retaining heat in the winter and preserving cooler interior temperatures during the summer.

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