Vinyl Replacement Siding

Replacing Damaged Vinyl Siding
Because vinyl siding is prone to damage – extreme heat can melt it and cold can make it brittle – vinyl replacement siding is available to people who wish to repair their homes.

Matching Your Vinyl Replacement Siding
If you are considering replacing vinyl siding and don’t have any of the original siding, the first thing you need to do is to find matching siding. This is straight forward if you know who the manufacturer is, but for people who are not in this position there are services available to match vinyl, both contractors and web sites.

Use the Specialist Zip Tool
Once you have obtained your vinyl, you can either find a contractor who will do the repair for you, or you can do it yourself. You will need a specialist tool to unlock the old vinyl from the fixtures on the building, and to lock the new piece of vinyl into place. This tool is known as a zip tool, and is available to buy at hardware stores.

Make sure when you cut the new piece of vinyl siding that you have at least a one inch overlap at each side, and that you can cover any edges of old vinyl. Unhooking top and bottom of the panels is done by using the zip tool, and is the key to making sure that the new vinyl replacement siding sits on the surface well.

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