Vinyl Siding Designs

Vinyl Siding Design Varieties
Vinyl siding is available in a range of designs, including colors, styles, and textures, to help suit a wide variety of homes and exteriors. These main styles of siding offer homeowners the chance to customize their home:

  • Brick Siding
  • Log Cabin Siding
  • Cedar Siding
  • Stone Siding
  • Liquid Siding
  • Certainteed Siding

Siding comes in a much wider variety of colors than when it was first used, offering you even more choices as you consider the best exterior siding for your home.

Choosing the best siding design for your home should be a product of your own preference, your home, and your neighborhood. Protecting your home against the elements and enhancing your home’s appearance are important goals of your siding design choice.

Siding Goes Upright
Most vinyl siding is installed horizontally, but vertical siding is beginning to become more popular among homeowners pursuing a more contemporary look for their home. Vertical siding is installed similarly to horizontal siding, and offers a different appearance than traditional siding choices.

Designed for Endurance
Regardless of the texture and color, all vinyl siding is engineered to resist all the elements, including sunlight, wind, rain, moisture, and temperature. Its polyvinyl chloride composition flexes and retracts in extreme temperature and resists erosion and weathering, making your siding last for what is most likely decades.

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