Vinyl Siding Repair

Doing Your Own Vinyl Siding Repair
Although vinyl siding is long lasting a very tough, there are situations where it can be punctured, or, in very low temperatures, become brittle and crack. You can make your own vinyl siding repair by putting in a new piece of vinyl siding to replace the damaged piece. There are two major things to consider if you decide to go ahead.

Matching Vinyl Siding
If you don’t have any of the original material left, you need to be sure that you can match your vinyl siding. This shouldn’t be too difficult if you know who the manufacturer is. If you have problems, there are a couple of web sites that can help you with this.

Vinyl Siding Repair Tool
The key tool you need for this repair is a zip tool, which allows you to pry the original siding from the fastenings at the back. This allows you to remove the siding with minimum damage to the assembly and to put in the new siding. You snap out the old piece by using the zip tool to unhook it from the back, and you then remove the nails from the damaged piece.

Cut your replacement piece at least 2 inches longer than the damaged piece. Put the new piece in place overlapping the siding on each side, and hook the bottom of the new piece into the lock on the top of the piece below. Nail the piece in place, and then lock the top of the new piece in the hook from the piece above, and using the zip tool, make sure it’s locked along the whole piece.

Your vinyl siding repair is complete.

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