Woodpeckers and Wood Siding Damage

Woodpeckers are fascinating birds but can cause a lot of damage to wood siding.  The particularly seem to like cedar siding.  Wood siding is a natural product and seems to draw the birds.  Having a woodpecker peck at your house can be annoying but more importantly it can cause significant damage.

Woodpeckers are often drawn to the siding and insects on the siding.  The birds could be feasting on bugs or establishing nests.  Cornell University has a great article about siding pests at this link. 

What can you do about woodpeckers on your siding?  Removing the insects that may attract the birds is one strategy.  Another would be to use visual deterrents such as metallic tape or wind chimes.   Bird tape is a product that is often used in a garden to scare away birds.  This can also be used on siding.  Netting can also be a solution to the problem.   These solutions may be functional, but not very attractive when mounted on your home.

Ultimately though, replacing the siding with a product that is bird proof is the ultimate solution.  There are many engineered products on the market such as cement board siding and stone facing that don’t attract pests.  The below video from James Hardie has a good solution to the problem.

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